Organized Office, Organized Shelves

Organized Office June 2010Have a great office with tons of shelving – but no idea how to organize them?  Start by sorting like with like, keep the “basic office supplies” down towards the bottom (so you are keeping the “less than pretty”) a bit out of site.  Use the middle shelving – right at your reach level when you sit – for your “active” and “to-do” items.  Use the higher shelves for your photos and decor items.  Use beautiful boxes and containers for containing wires and other unsightly items.

Hope you have an organized day.

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10 Reasons Why Some People Feel Like They Don’t Have Enough Time

Absolutely true. Especially appreciate #4,7&9 – being organized, having a daily routine and reviewing your schedule – all musts! #getorganized #organized #timemanagement #organizedlife #anoragnizedlife

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Low on Time

Do you feel like you’re overwhelmingly busy? Like you always don’t have enough time and your schedule is ever growing? Many people today feel that way and constantly lament a lack of time. If you are like them and barely have time to do even simple tasks like cooking a meal or completing your daily to-do list, something is wrong. Here are ten reasons why some people always feel like they don’t have enough time and what you can do to avoid it.

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Organized Office / Organized Files

Organized Office.  Inspired today by home a few baskets, and a few labels, change chaos to order.  Sort into categories, keep only the most frequently used items in the space, contain it and label it.

How will you end your work week?  What will do you do close the week with organization?


Organized Playroom & Organized Toys

organized basement, organized toys

organized basement, organized toys

Today I am inspired by an organized basement.  This area of the basement was just a small, square entry to other areas of the basement – including the closet under the stairs.  We turned it from blah into fabulous.  Ikea shelving and Martha Stewart square bins in a gorgeous bright green.  All labeled of course with easy categories for kids to use and put away.  And that dead space in the closet under the stairs – perfect for dress up clothing.  Get a small rolling rack and hang the costumes (kid height of course), and hang hooks and small mirror on the inside door.  Beautiful, functional – kid friendly – space.

What an organized life.


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Organized Attics – Inspiration

An Organized Attic

An Organized Attic

Organized an attic with a Client a while back – and using it as my own inspiration for my organizing project this weekend.  Having a plan of what you want the space to look like after it is complete is the first step in motivation and success.

What will motivate you this weekend to organize?

Best Organizing Office Supplies

Real Simple – great article!  sticky note wallClever products and space-saving strategies to help you declutter your space.