Why Do We Get Stuck?

Ever wonder why you can’t do something?  You plan to do it.  You hold time to do it.  You have all of the best intentions.  And then it doesn’t happen.  Whether it’s clearing clutter, making decisions or finishing a task at work or at home – you get stuck.

Keep Calm

Ever wonder about the reasons you get stuck?  Three simple reasons:

1.  The task is too big.

2.  You don’t know what the next step is

3.  There is a psychological, physical or emotional block.

So what do you do?

1.  If the task is too big, break it down to the smallest, easiest step you can.  This will get you started .. and often you can keep going.

2.  If you don’t know what the next step of a project is, talk to friend or colleague – or someone who can help you work through all of the steps; or ask a professional, like a lawyer or a Professional Organizer (and write the steps down – it will make #1 easier)

3.  If you have psychological block (ADD/Executive Function Challenges), physical block  (illness, broken limb) or emotional block (loss of a spouse, stress), having help, professional or from friends, can help you move through your journey.  A Professional Organizer can be especially helpful in many of these areas.

So the next time you get stuck, ask yourself why?  That’s the first step.

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