Organized Kids / End of School Year

Disorganized Student

Wow – June already.  Kids are getting out of school very soon … and with them they bring home a year of papers, school work, artwork, and all of that “stuff” from the desk or locker that has built up over the past year.

How will you organize and make decisions on all of that stuff?  Avoiding decisions causes clutter; or unneeded, excess stuff stored away because we tossed it all into a box.

Here’s how you can close out the school year in an organized way:

1.  Decide a place (out of the way – not on the kitchen table) where you will put all that stuff to go through.  This way it doesn’t end up in the middle of everything – and you don’t feel stressed about the pile, or shift it to different parts of the house while you avoid it.

2.  Decide a time to work on it.

3.  Engage your child in the process – have them sit with you to make decisions.

4.  If they are too young or don’t have the focus to sit for the entire process, pre-sort the piles and then invite them to join you.

5.  Sort into categories.

6.  Decide.  Keep as Memory (store in memory box, store away for next year.)  Discard (recycle/toss).  Hold for next year (store in a container, or bag, in a less frequently used spot – make yourself a note on your calendar for early August to remind yourself that you have all this stuff – so you don’t buy double!)

7.  Enjoy summer!

Have an organized day!

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