Best Way To Find Your Stuff / July’s Best Organizing Products

PixieLove these Pixies.  Never loose your stuff again.   $69.95, pre-order now – shipping end summer 2015.

Pixie Point 4 Pack

The Pixie Point 4 Pack contains everything you need to enter Pixie World. Use the Pixies to tag the essentials in your life – it could be your keys, the wallet or an emotionally-charged teddy bear.

Every kit comes with:

4 Pixie Points – self-adhesive and ready to go

Key Chain / Pet collar Adaptor – we know that most people want to tag their keys and pets,so we’re tossing in an free adapter to make it easy

Curved Surface Adapter – for the things in your life that are not flat

Pixie Remote

#getorganized #organize #findstuff #neverloosestuffagain #organizedlife #anorganizedlife

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