Help kids be organized by having organized locker

Locker Organization

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Students usually have a lot of items to fit into a fairly small locker, so maximizing this small space can be a challenge. Follow these tips for fun and functional locker organization solutions that will help students keep their lockers organized the whole year through.

Maximize space

In the hustle and bustle of those few minutes between class, books end up on top of lunch sacks, and students are left with flattened sandwiches, broken chips and mangled desserts. Maximize vertical space by adding a shelving unit made specifically for lockers, which provides multiple levels of storage for better organization. Students will be able to locate items with ease and make it to class on time.

Keep a schedule

Students can avoid tardiness, losing homework and missing after-school commitments by developing organizational habits that will help them stay on track. It’s helpful to keep a calendar or message board on a locker door to keep track of due dates and events.

Be prepared

A locker well-stocked with pens, pencils, note paper and other school supplies will ensure that the right tools are always at hand. A magnetic organizer mounted on the inside of a locker door is an ideal way to keep those supplies organized and easily accessible.

A place for hang-ups

Make space for hanging hats, bags and purses in the locker by adding magnetic hooks. Non-permanent self-adhesive 3M® Command™ Hooks are also a great way to add extra space.

Brighten up your space

Add personality to your locker with a variety of magnetic accessories in bright colors. Another way to liven up the space is to choose notebooks in bright colors, one for each class that will also help you stay organized in between classes.

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Help kids be organized by having organized locker.

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