The Best Way to do the Seasonal Clothing Switch

One of my favorite articles on the dreaded New England Closet switch by Apartment Therapy.

The 3 “S” System to Storing Your Out-Of-Season Clothing

Small closet or no, a seasonal clothing switch-out is always a good idea. If you haven’t packed away your summer goodies yet then what are you waiting for? You’ll not only save hanger space, you’ll make getting dressed that much easier since everything available will be weather appropriate. It’s easy and only takes 3 steps.


Once you pull out all your summer duds, it’s time to sort. Check each item for wear, stains and damage. Be honest with yourself about things you haven’t worn — if you made it though the whole season without touching certain things then it may be time to let them go. Make 3 piles: one to donate, one that needs further attention (repairs or cleaning) and one that’s ready to roll.


It’s so important not to store clothes that are dirty — stains will set and be impossible to get out later and sweat will attract moths. If you’ve been stretching your silks or sweaters — wearing them a few times in between dry cleanings — make sure that they’re all freshly washed.


Pack away your things in breathable storage bags (or try pillowcases!). We love using our under-the-bed space for clothes storage but any spare nook or cabinet will do. Make sure to fold (never hang!) your sweaters and try rolling delicate shirts to keep them from getting deep creases from long-term storage. If you’re feeling fancy throw in some cedar or lavender sachets to discourage moths and make your clothes smell divine.

See, now doesn’t that feel better? Go forth and organize!

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