Organizing Stuffed Animals

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is about organizing kids stuffed animals.  The “stuffy” storage has stumped parents for years!

Boon solves for that problem!  Check out these zippered and contained stuffed animal holders.  They are small enough to fit under beds, be used as a cushion to sit on – or tuck away in a closet in a “space bag” type of way.

Boon Stuffed Animal Storage Bag


Want the stuffed animals out and more easily accessible –

THE ZOO® is your Stuffed Animal Storage Solution

Do Your Kids Have A Pile Of Stuffed Animals Taking Up Precious Space?

If your kids are anything like mine, they’ve got a pile of stuffed animals strewn all over the floor or on the bed. We know your Kids will enjoy putting their stuffed animals away! To solve our stuffed animal storage problem. We tried using toy nets suspended in the corner and sneaking them to the basement, but this made it hard for the kids to play with them.

Zoo Stuffed Animal Storage


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