Motivate & Teach Kids To Let Go of Stuff, Donate & Organize

“The Mommy / Daddy Buy Back Program”


Remember the post-Halloween game your parents played with you to get you to give up most of your Halloween candy?

The Buy Back Program is where Mom & Dad buy your candy from you – and let’s face it, a new video game, popular outfit or cool piece of technology can be a great carrot to get the kids away from all of that candy.


Why not have a “Buy Back Program” for unused toys and clothing?  Assign a value to each item (sort of like the IRS assigns a value to donation items).

Want to reduce the focus on the money?  Agree with your child that a percentage of the money they get as part of the buy back program is donated to a charity of their choice.  Help them make the donation and engage in the charity.

Organize your house.  Organize the kids stuff.  And create a valuable lesson.  Win. Win. Win.

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