Best way to pack your luggage

Going away from the weekend – have too much stuff that you want to bring and is your suitcase rebelling?

what not to do

Believe it or not, the first step is not packing your luggage.  Your first step is making a list of what you need to bring based on your activities.  Then you pull out the articles of clothing and toiletries you need.

Inside try on of these methods:

  •  Contain outfits in clear, clear, zippered make-up bags that can stand straight
  • Instead of folding and laying flat, instead, fold and stand sideways
  • Or use a small container to hold clothes folded to stand up in the suitcase.




Not only do you have a beautifully packed and organized suitcase, when you open it at your destination, you will love what you have and feel like it’s a complete new set of clothing.  (Plus, wrinkles will be reduced and there will be no guessing of which items to pair together.

Have a wonderfully organized weekend – and organized vacation if you are headed out of town on spring break.

Hoping you have an organized day and an organized life!

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