A modern miracle – a mini sofa that turns into a bunk

A modern mini-miracle: It’s a sofa that turns into a bunk bed

Looks like an ordinary sofa, right?Looks like an ordinary sofa, right? Photo: Resource Furniture

The question of where to put staying-over guests – planned, or simply unable or unwilling to make it home – can be a tricky one.

There’s the air mattress which is noisy to inflate, kind of a hassle and not always that comfortable, or the trusty sleeping on the sofa tactic, which is fine if you’re on the short side, or have the space for a three seater-sofa which isn’t always the case in the inner-city.

Similarly, your standard sofa bed requires room to unfold it. And what if two friends want to stay? Disaster!

Before you put a pillow and yoga mat in your fictional bathtub because the inner-city-pad can’t fit that either, someone’s thought outside the box and made a sofa that turns into – wait for it – bunk beds.

TA-DA! Look at what it can do!
TA-DA! Look at what it can do!

The Palazzo Wall Bed is a modern mini-miracle. It has removable mattresses, wood-slatted bed springs, folding head and foot boards and better yet, a locking mechanism a barrier for the top bunk because safety first, and nobody wants to fall out of bed.

It’s not the option, either. The clever clogs at Resource Furniture have come up with a bunch of transforming pieces of sleeping furniture including some rather stylish wall beds. There are also transforming tables, storage solutions and some rather stylish folding chairs.

So now there’s no excuse for saying no to hosting a shindig or having the relatives stay – sorry. But on the up side, this neat piece will give you something to talk about over dinner.

It also comes in grey.It also comes in grey.

All photos via Resource Furniture.


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