What is the heck is organizing anyway?

new organizing quote

Each person defines organization a little differently, although we all want the same results. To feel in control, for our visual perception of the space to be one we find appealing, to know where our things are – how and where to store them – and how to retrieve them.   But being organized is not just about our space and belongings – it’s also about how we engage with these items and the time we plan to focus on that activities that create balance.

“Organization means being specific, thoughtful, and mindful when making decisions, having the right volume of frequently used and loved items, creating functional easy to use systems / containment, and being able to have the space and the ability to put away items and recall them as needed.  Being organized means having an engaged routine (daily / weekly) – creating a road map that you can plan and shift as needed – but that guides you to be productive throughout your day, week and month.” — MJ Rosenthal, An Organized Life


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