Organize Kid’s End of Year School Papers

It’s almost the end of the year – and very soon all of that paper and artwork will be coming home to you for the summer.

How do you decide what to keep?

  1.  No time to sort?  Want to keep everything?  Get large clear storage bins, and add a label with the child’s name, age and school year
  2. Want to cul down your collection? Set a rule for yourself?  Keep the things you really love – or discard tests and keep only essays.  Ask your child for input if they are old enough.  And, consider having a friend for moral support.
  3. Go Electronic – take pictures of all of the pieces and create an electronic photo album comprised of all of the pieces.  It’s a great way to store more in a beautiful way.

Now that you have reduced down the volume, here are some great storage solutions.

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