Friday Organizing Inspirations

Inspiration for organizing for this Friday heading into a snowy weather packed weekend.  Spring can’t be far – but while it’s still no fun outside – here are some ways to create order, organization, functionality and beauty for your home.  Enjoy some of our favorite work, and as always, we’d love to hear from you – share your thoughts with us on facebook, twitter or this blog!


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“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”

“I am noStephen Coveyt a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”

A friend of mine posted this and reminded me of this today.  Great thought for today.

What will you do to be purposeful in your daily CEO routine today?


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Best Spring Organizing Ideas

by HOUSE Helsingborg AB
Spring cleaning may get more of the hype, but I would argue that spring organizing is

even more important.

When your belongings are neat and tidy, your whole home feels cleaner and more inviting, and daily life is easier and more pleasant.

The power of letting go ….

Last night I was listening to music with some friends and a song that I LOVED 25 years ago came on … I remembered I had purchased the CD back in the 90s, and was sure it was on my iTunes like the rest of my music.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t there – neither was the entire album.  I guess I had never uploaded the CD.

let go or be dragged.jpgAbout 5 years ago, I had finally decided to “let go” of all of my CDs.  After years of moving them around, looking for the perfect container, alphabetizing and re-alphabetizing … I finally realized that I never used them or the 6-change CD player I had so proudly bought when I moved into my new house.  So I donated them all.  And it felt great.  And I reclaimed a large amount of space both in my living room and in my storage.

So now I am reminded that I “let go” of something that I loved and wanted (the song). The good news is I can buy it on Itunes for $1.29. And I did.  And it was okay.  For $1.29 I reclaimed 5 years of space in my home and in the storage area of my basement.  And yes, I did have to buy the song a second time … but it was worth it.


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Day Dreaming of An Organized Life

As we are all cleaning up after the storm and going outside to feel the cold air pierce our lungs, An Organized Life is giving you the gift of Organization … let yourself feel inspired by what can be your space, your systems and your life.  Balance and organization is within reach.

How can I help you create organization today?

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Be Really Organized – Live & Dress with only 33 items

Project 333 is the minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months.Project333_Logo

I was talking with colleagues about this last night at the NAPO-New England meeting. Two new organizers were doing it and loved the experience.  (Although one got frustrated when she didn’t have an extra purse when her cat peed on her original purse).  What did she do?  She got creative and used something she had to function as a purse.

How can you 333?

Click here to read Project 333 blog posts.

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Sleep Strategies / Daylight Savings


With some advance preparation, you can minimize the effects of the change to daylight saving time. This week you should:

  1. Go to bed 15 or 20 minutes earlier each night before the time change.
  2. Begin to adjust the timing of other daily routines that are “time cues” for your body.
  3. This Saturday night, set your clocks ahead one hour in the early evening. Then go to sleep at your normal bedtime.
  4. After the time change, head outdoors for some early morning sunlight on Sunday.
  5. Stick to your usual bedtime to get plenty of sleep before the workweek begins on Monday



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Life is a balance of holding on and letting go …



So why does getting rid of stuff feel so good?

Physical space and mental space go hand-in-hand. Clutter is visual noise, and the mess creeps into our mental faculties as well.

Separating from the past can heal us. We hang onto so many things because of the memories tied to them. When we de-clutter, we have the opportunity to interact not only with our physical possessions, but with the memories and feelings they trigger.

Making decisions makes us strong. When we make a decision about something, even something as small as whether to keep those curtain rods, we do gain some control, and the feeling is addicting and self-perpetuating.

You have less stuff to deal with. This is the most obvious reward of getting rid of stuff, and most definitely not the smallest.


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