Life is a balance of holding on and letting go …


So why does getting rid of stuff feel so good?

Physical space and mental space go hand-in-hand. Clutter is visual noise, and the mess creeps into our mental faculties as well.

Separating from the past can heal us. We hang onto so many things because of the memories tied to them. When we de-clutter, we have the opportunity to interact not only with our physical possessions, but with the memories and feelings they trigger.

Making decisions makes us strong. When we make a decision about something, even something as small as whether to keep those curtain rods, we do gain some control, and the feeling is addicting and self-perpetuating.

You have less stuff to deal with. This is the most obvious reward of getting rid of stuff, and most definitely not the smallest.


#getorganized #organizedlife #letitgo #donate #organized #livesimply #simplify #anorganizedlife #notamess #nomoreclutter

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