How do I become organized?


So, how does the meaning of something translate into organization? Pick up anything around you that you’re wondering what to do with, and ask yourself which of these descriptions is the best fit:

* I don’t need or want it = trash
* I still need to decide what this means to me = IN basket item
* I might need to know this information = reference
* I use it = equipment and supplies
* I like to see it = decoration
* When I could possibly move on it, I want to see the action as an option = next action reminder, reviewed when and where it could be done
* I need to be reminded of this short-term outcome I’ve committed to = project list item, reviewed weekly
* I need to have this when I focus on a project = support material
* I might want to commit to this at any time in the future = Someday/maybe list item
* I might want to commit to this on or after a specific time in the future = calendared or “tickled” item incubated for review on a specific future date
* I want to achieve this “bigger” outcome = goals, objectives, visions that you review on some longer interval
* It’s something someone else is doing that I care about = item on Waiting-For list, reviewed at least weekly
* I need to consider it when I do certain recurring activities = item on a checklist

You can organize anything in your work or personal life by asking yourself whether its meaning matches its location.

Organizing tools should not be so mysterious – they are merely to support these various functions.

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