An Organized Laundry Room / Before & After


There is nothing better than an organized laundry room – next to the kitchen and family room, it’s the most used room in the house.

Organize your laundry room using the space process.  Sort, purge, assign a location based on frequency, contain (yes, that’s where you shop), and then engage & evaluate.


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42 Projects for An Organized Weekend

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An Organized Halloween

Here are some quick and easy tips for an organized halloween:


  • Lay out costumes. Know what they are wearing and where all the miscellaneous parts are. If the costume requires special parts or make-up, place it out with the costume.
  • Have a healthy after school snack ready to give them when they get home from school. Have them eat it before chasing out to gather candy. This way you can at least ensure that they’ll get something decent and won’t just fill up on candy.
  • Locate treat gathering containers. Little ones like those cute round pumpkins with a handle, while the older kids prefer to pile treats in bigger bags like a pillow case. You may even have something clever that ties in with the costume they are wearing.
  • Prepare an easy meal. A pot of chili or something similar that can sit in a crock pot so dinner-on-the-go can happen whenever it’s convenient. Throw to the wind any idea of having a pleasant sit-down meal on Halloween.
  • Get your halloween hand-outs ready. Find a large bowl or decorative container like a cauldron and put the candy near the door.

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How to Work With a Professional Organizer

Great article by  / Houzz Contributor. Fresh out of journalism school, I fell into decorating media and…

An organizing pro can help you get your house together. Here’s how to choose the right one and gain your own clutter-clearing skills

Raise your hand if “Get organized!” topped your New Year’s resolutions list (again). Now put it down if you’ve already fallen off the wagon. Don’t feel bad: It happens to most of us. But if clutter is taking over your life and making you crazy, it may be time to hire a professional organizer. Read on to ensure a smooth experience from start to finish.