How to Organize your Home Office

An Organized Life

1. Are there any universal rules for organizing a well functioning home office? 

The one big rule is make it work for you.  I share with Clients that organizing is not “one style” or “one container” fits all.  It’s a very personal application.  One person’s order is another person’s disorder.

“Good rules of organizing order” which apply to most of us include:

* Store Like Items Together

* Keep Frequent Use Items Most Accessible

* Instead of Asking Where You Should Put It,  Ask How Will I Look For It

* When you decide to do an organizing task, make it small enough so you don’t feel overwhelmed

2. For folks who already have a home office:  are there things they can do to make it function more like a (semi) permanent vs. a home office?  Are there easy ways to organize and…

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