Looking for a Professional Organizer Near You?

As we are coming out of Covid, and re-emerging back outside (masks and all), our houses may still be filled with organizing “to-do” projects.   No need to panic.  You just need to find a local professional organizer who can help.

So how do I find an organizer or Professional Organizer or personal organizer near me?

Lots of ways!  I always recommend looking at your local association, National Association of Professional Organizers and using the “find an organizer” near me link.  It will help you narrow down the list and also shows you their stats, like years in business, specialities, additional languages, special skills, etc.

Another way, ask a friend?  Referal are a great way to find a someone who is kind, compassionate – yet experienced and knowledgeable.  I have been working s Certified Professional Organizer and Organizational Coach since 2005 (wow, where have 15 years gone) and I would be happy to help you find your path to organization.

When you are asking around, don’t forget to ask:

  1.  Are they a Certified Professional Organizer?
  2. Do they belong to an Association like NAPO or Institue for Challenging Disorganization where they enhance their knowledge on an ongoing basis
  3. What is their speciality?  Do they have expertise in Organizational Coaching, Productivity Coaching, Chronic Disorganization, Move Management, Home Management, Small Office / Business Organizing.  What’s their gig?
  4. What’s their Covid protocol?  An Organized Life is providing White Glove Covid Protocol – we wear face shields, masks and gloves – and require our clients to wear masks as well, for everyone’s protection
  5. Why did you become an Organizer?  What do you love about what you do?

I can answer that.  I started organizing as a child as a way to make sense of how my brain worked.  It was always moving, always going somewhere (along with my busy little body).  When I learned about organizing (hello Filo Fax generation), I truly embraced the essence of creating a habit, a routine, a way of engaging so I remained proactive with my choices and more often than not could catch myself from a big “oops”.

Is Virtual Organizing your preference?  It’s a great value for your time.  A Virtual Organizing session works almost exactly like a regular session, only it’s a shorter version with a more laser focused approach tot he work.  More is accomplished than you would believe.  Try it out!

Back to our topic – local organizers!  When you are looking for an organizer near you, look for An Organized Life.  We are based in Newton, Mass and service Boston, metro west and the south shore.  Special arrangement can always be made for the Cape and the Islands.




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