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MJ Rosenthal is an empathetic, passionate and experienced Professional Organizer and Organizational Coach who helps her clients move from where they are to where they want to be by helping create balance in their lives among space, belongings and time. Working with individuals, families and businesses, she not only shows Clients how to become organized, but also how to develop strategies to stay organized. Her customized approach shows you how to simplify your life, create a more efficient and productive environment and have peace of mind knowing you are in control. Founder of AN ORGANIZED LIFE, MJ is a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO,) and an Organizational Coach. An Organized Life is based in Newton, MA and services Greater Boston, Metro West and Eastern Massachusetts communities. After graduating Boston University and working in the fields of advertising, event planning and hotel/property management, MJ decided to make a change. Corporate America was going a million miles an hour. MJ saw colleagues, friends, family overwhelmed by life, their schedule, their “stuff.” Life is complicated enough. Space, stuff and time should not complicate one’s life. They should be simple, attractive, create balance and enjoyment. What if MJ could teach people to learn the tools she possessed that made her successful in her professional and personal lives…organization, planning, balance? Help them create simplicity and be more in control? Assist them in digging out of the clutter and find solutions to be organized, ultimately making life easier in this busy world of ours. Telling her best friend of her new idea and her new venture AN ORGANIZED LIFE, her friend chuckled. “Don’t you know you have been doing that all of your life? From organizing and writing captions in your photo albums when you were a little girl, all of the strategic planning and organization you do at work, to the amazing organization and planning you did for me when I moved.” MJ was ready to teach others. MJ is a proud and long-standing member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers,), NAPO-New England and The Institute for Challenging Disorganization (formerly The National Study Group on Disorganization.) Active in these organizations, she formerly held the position of Treasurer on the NAPO-New England Board of Directors. Always working to expand her education so she can continue to provide advanced services and teachings to her clients, MJ has earned her Certification in Professional Organizing (CPO,) Level I ADD & CD Specialty Certificates from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization and is a graduate of Coach Approach, Coach Training for Organizers.

Downsizing – everyone’s doing it!


Downsizing has even hit Hollywood.  Come this holiday size, you can downsize without lifting a finger (well, except for paying for your movie ticket.) Enjoy & stay organized.  Hope as always you have an Organized Day.


Want 30% More Space for Free?

summer organizing

Did you know that when you put like with like, you automatically create up to 30% more storage space?  Going through the organizing process will not only allow you the opportunity to discover the treasurers, purge or donate the not longer loved or needed and by gathering and storing like with like, you make more space.  And don’t we all want more space and to feel in control?

An Organized Life can help you take back that control and create more space!  Call us for our special September discount of $25 off your first visit for new clients.


3 Simple Reasons Why Getting Rid of Stuff Feels Good

A frequently searched term on Google is “why does decluttering feel so good?” There’s good reason to ask that question! Many people are discovering the joy of having less, and ensuring that what they do have brings them joy and satisfaction. We live in a country of abundance, where it’s easy to accumulate stuff […] The…

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An Organized Office: Before & After

Did you know that paper is the #1 request when it comes to getting organized.  Put the summer to go use and banish the paper and clutter that blocks you from getting through your mail, paying your bills on time, or missing an important deadline.  An Organized Life teaches you how to banish the clutter for good and take control of your life and your office.

Before Office 

After Office 


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