An Organized Office: Before & After

Did you know that paper is the #1 request when it comes to getting organized.  Put the summer to go use and banish the paper and clutter that blocks you from getting through your mail, paying your bills on time, or missing an important deadline.  An Organized Life teaches you how to banish the clutter for good and take control of your life and your office.

Before Office 

After Office 


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Conquer Digital Clutter / MJ Rosenthal of An Organized Life on the Emily Rooney RadioShow


As a Newton Professional Organizer, I am lucky to have the opportunity to discuss getting organized with many different media sources.  I sat with Emily Rooney for her radio show to talk about how to conquer digital clutter.

Listen to the clip at:

Do you know what you want to keep?  What you want to throw away?  I can help.  I can show you how to cut your paper work and filing time in half, just by identifying what you can toss and what you should take the time to file.

I’m MJ Rosenthal, Newton professional organizer and organizational coaching specializing in helping people create balance between space, belongings and time – and providing coaching and training for Clients with ADD and Executive Function challenges.

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