The power of letting go ….

Last night I was listening to music with some friends and a song that I LOVED 25 years ago came on … I remembered I had purchased the CD back in the 90s, and was sure it was on my iTunes like the rest of my music.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t there – neither was the entire album.  I guess I had never uploaded the CD.

let go or be dragged.jpgAbout 5 years ago, I had finally decided to “let go” of all of my CDs.  After years of moving them around, looking for the perfect container, alphabetizing and re-alphabetizing … I finally realized that I never used them or the 6-change CD player I had so proudly bought when I moved into my new house.  So I donated them all.  And it felt great.  And I reclaimed a large amount of space both in my living room and in my storage.

So now I am reminded that I “let go” of something that I loved and wanted (the song). The good news is I can buy it on Itunes for $1.29. And I did.  And it was okay.  For $1.29 I reclaimed 5 years of space in my home and in the storage area of my basement.  And yes, I did have to buy the song a second time … but it was worth it.


#getorganized #organized #anorganizedlife #notamess #clutter #banclutter #simplify #littledetails








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